A Substantial Amount Of Time Was Spent

Continuing the development of BeamNG. The development of Drive started in 2011, when a few developers working on Rigs of Rods decided to move on to a new project. They were interested in developing a new driving physics engine that was capable of coping with collisions.

Although they began developing the game using CryEngine 3, they subsequently switched to using Torque as their primary engine. The latter was superior in terms of its capacity to deal with the soft-body physics that were particular to BeamNG.Drive. Because the interior structure of the vehicles resembled beams, the team decided to call their creation “beams NG,” where the “NG” stands for “New Generation.”

A soft release of the vehicle driving simulator accompanied by some Alpha testing took place in 2013. This was followed by the introduction of an Early Access version of the game in 2015, which included extra features for a new platform. BeamNG.Drive was made available to users in 2018 because to a new relationship with Camshaft Software. This connection allowed players to import vehicles created in the tycoon game Automation.

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